X-Ray: Space

i.s.m. Courtisane


Thu 01.12 20:30 tot 22:00

ticket: €5 (standaard) / €3 (reductie)

Een exploratie van ruimtelijkheid in cinema met enkele films in 3D. Centrale gast van de avond is Sebastian Buerkner (UK) die met behulp van de computer prachtige animaties creëert. Hij leidt ons door een dubbelzinnig universum van abstracte interieurs, gestileerde vormen en vloeiende kleurvlakken, in vele lagen. Voor X-Ray situeert hij zijn werk in de context van films die ons vervoeren in een aantrekkelijk web van ruimtelijke misleiding.

Deze films staan alvast op het programma:

Capitalism: Slavery (Ken Jacobs, 3’)

An antique stereograph image of cotton-pickers, computer-animated to present the scene in an active depth even to single-eyed viewers. Silent, mournful, brief.
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Red Capriccio (Blake Williams, 7’)

An anaglyph 3D found footage film about machines and landscape that interlaces motion with stasis, crescendos with glissandos, and reds with blues. Its three movements depict a parked Chevy Caprice police vehicle, Montréal’s Turcot Interchange, and an empty rave room.
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Spacy (Takashi Ito, 10’)

A film whose subject is the place (A gymnasium), the time, (the 10 minutes the film runs), and the unconformity of the reality (the gymnasium), and the illusion (the representation of the gymnasium). All the components are strictly combined in an endless cycle, a Möbius stripe, an Escher's film in a japanese tempo, from Slow to Fast, from Pianissimo to Fortissimo.
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Brouillard Passage #14 (Alexandre Larose, 10’)

Alexandre Larose creates supernally spectral superimpositions infused with a meteorological mix and the intense lusciousness of the Québec landscape. (tekst: TIFF)

Triband (Sebastian Buerkner, 4’)

Triband expands the projection screen literally into the viewers head, as the perceived image is not present in the actual animated footage. Multiple instances of objects and scenes appear simultaneously in a blur of truth, like a distant memory, where uncertainty permeates the verity of the beholder. (tekst: LUX)
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The Chimera of M (Sebastian Buerkner, 25’)

Entering the unfamiliar virtual space of a 3-D stereoscopic, digital animation, viewers find themselves behind the eyes of an unseen and distinctly unreliable protagonist.

In samenwerking met Atelier Mediakunst en Courtisane en in aanwezigheid van Sebastian Buerkner.

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