Thu 07.02 - 18:00

My Granny from Mars

Alexander Mihalkovich, Engels ondertiteld, DCP
i.s.m. Ji.Hlava

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Op 7 februari komt een delegatie van het internationale documentairefestival Ji.hlava naar KASK. Tijdens het programma 'Echoes' stellen ze twee documentaires voor die ze uit hun eigen selectie plukten: een Argentijnse kortfilm en Ests-Russische langspeler.

Into Thin Air
Cristina Motta, Argentina, 2018, 8 min
Short Joy JIDFF programme section

What happens to women who mysteriously disappear? Are they ever seen again? Do state authorities investigate as they should, or are the only ones truly searching for the women the ones they left behind?

A compilation film that reveals several periods in history during which scores of women disappeared without a trace under various circumstances.

My Granny from Mars
Alexander Mihalkovich, Belarus, Ukraine, Estonia, 2018, 83 min
Between the Seas JIDFF programme section

Babushka Zina is originally Ukrainian, but because of the current political situation she has remained in Russian-occupied Crimea. Separated from her family, she lives in a forgotten seaside town while trying to decide whether to stay or to leave.

The sounds of Russian contemporary music and folk songs add to the atmosphere of her exile town, which is seen through a sensitive lens filled with sentimentality. But the consequences of the unsatisfactory political situation are ever-present in this place, which is like a different planet.